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Cuartetos Guitarreros

(TANGOdeHOY 2024) This is Adam Tully newest album. It was written and conceived for guitars.

This is a personal album in which Adam is questioning essential aspects of life such as “how do I want to live?,” “what’s left after everything is gone?,” and “do I find my place in the city or do I sometimes need the peace of mind only the country can offer?” These are acts of looking inward to see if we’re on the right path or our life needs a tune-up.


Tully is also taking us on a journey through the folkloric roots of tango, with song forms like vidalita, estilo, vals and milonga, until arriving in an almost untimely way at the irreverent “trilonga” which in a way represents his voice: it’s a new song form created by the composer, a “lopsided milonga” with an extra beat. 


I'm finishing an album of tangos for solo guitar.

I started working on these solos as part of my Tango Profiles project. Check out the videos here.


I've been collaborating with different lyricists. The latest is Retrato for "Vení que te cuento". Check it out here

TRIO (guitar, piano, bass)

Later this year a new album with 100% original music is coming.

Meanwhile check out our debut album "La llegada" or buy it here.


Something new is coming... stay tuned!

As a producer

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