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Guitarist - Composer - Arranger

As a composer I work in different ways, by my own inspiration, on commissions and for particular projects.

I'm also an arranger, having worked for artists such as the Koji Hirata-Ariel Lopez Saldivar Duo and Sofía Tosello.

Now, let's go to the music

Current projects

Trio (guitar, piano, bass)

‘La Llegada,’ (Epsa Music, 2017) is Adam Tully’s first album as a bandleader. It features eight original compositions which draw on both traditional tango music and the search for a personal voice.  The album explores the sonority of tango guitar through Tully’s unconventional trio (with Emilio Teubal, piano and Pedro Giraudo, bass) and pieces for guitar and guitar duo.  There are two contributions from contemporary composers: Fernando Otero and Emilio Teubal.  Recorded in New York and Buenos Aires, ‘La Llegada’ is one of the latest contributions to tango’s current compositional boom.

Solo guitar

I'm working on an album of my own arrangements of tangos for solo guitar.

I started working on these solos as part of my Tango Profiles project. Check out the videos here.

Guitar duos

I love working with two guitars. In some cases I play tangos with another guitarist and in others I compose and arrange for my duo with baritone guitar, played by the great Felipe Traine. 

Guitar and bandoneon

I'm recording an album of beautiful collaborations with bandoneonists. Each artist will accompany me in one of my compositions and one classic tango. I've already recorded with Santiago Segret and here is a little preview.

Guitar, voice and lyrics

I've been collaborating with different lyricists to create new tango music and also doing arrangements for singers, with whom I play, such as Noelia Moncada, Martín Alvarado, Valeria Hernandez, etc.

Pablo Kovacevich Trio

I play guitar 2 (quite a challenge) in this amazing tango guitar trio. Pablo is an excellent tango guitarist and also one of my favorite arrangers.

Tanino Tango

This is a harmonica,  guitar, baritone guitar (which I play) and double bass quartet. We play 

traditional tango geared towards the dance floor, with an intimate sound and great arrangements.


This is a tango guitar supergroup with Emiliano Faryna, Pablo Kovacevich and Alejo de los Reyes. We come together occasionally for a concert or session work with arrangements of each one of us. We also change the role each one plays in every song.

Daniel Binelli

With this amazing bandoneonist, whom I'm lucky enough to call a friend, I play every time he needs me. 

Alejo de los Reyes Quartet

Alejo is a great tango guitarist and I am a sub in his quartet from time to time.

Emilio Teubal Trio

While in NYC, I was part of this beautiful trio. Now, when Emilio visits BA, I play his amazing music with him.

Past Projects

‘Tango For Import’ (Panoramic Recordings, 2015) is an album of classic tango arrangements by the New York trio Importango. ‘Tango for Import’ is a play on the old phrase ‘tango for export,’ coined by record labels in an effort to pander to international audiences. Importango’s philosophy is that all audiences deserve the real thing, not a watered-down version. This album to 'imports' the language of tango from Buenos Aires to New York City and beyond.

Nick Danielson

Nick is a violin virtuoso who plays tango, classical and contemporary music. When he recorded an album of traditional tangos in duo format I was honored to be included.

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